Consider this "snatch support" in more ways than one.

Learn the skill of kettlebell training while being mindful of your core system (and have fun doing it!).

  • Get Stronger from the Inside Out

    Women often put up with symptoms like leaking, pain, or prolapse. While these issues are common, they're not normal and the solution isn't to ignore them. Learn how to consider your pelvic floor and the rest of your deep core system while learning to master fundamental kettlebell movements. Not only will you learn to swing, snatch, clean, and more, but you'll also leave with a better understanding of your body and women's health in general.

  • Connect with a Community of Women Who Are Cheering You On

    Learning something new can be intimidating. I strive to break it down as much as possible so that each movement has a version that you can work on. Additionally, you join a community of women who are mastering new things, too! Your participation grants you access to a Facebook group that enables you to post your wins, get support if you need it, and receive tips from me, my colleagues, and your peers.

  • Learn a Sustainable Fitness Practice

    This isn't a "quick fix" course. This isn't a bunch of random "fat-burning" workouts. Instead, I'll coach you to think of movement as "practice" instead of obligation. When we focus on skill-acquisition, we stop dreading the time spent moving our bodies. And when we have strategies that support our long-term health and athleticism, we'll be more likely to enjoy the process for years to come.

Course curriculum

A sample of what you'll find inside:

Dial in strategies to manage *ALL* movements while learning to swing, get-up, clean, squat, press, and windmill at a pace that works for you!